This little book is a short, free stealth evangelical book (90,000 words).  It is an introduction to the Gospels and the person of Jesus Christ in historical context specifically for people who have not studied the New Testament. The book is intended to nudge the curiosity of a reader. The distribution plan is that this is to be offered to Christians and I request that you to pass it on to a family member or loved one who is not Christian. So, the original readers are to be practicing Christians while the actual target audience is to be unknowing or non-practicing Christians. The target audience will read it presumably because a loved one asks them to, plus it is mercifully short and historically fascinating (ten years of research went into finding the obscure historical facts). This is my plan to get life changing information into the hands of the uninterested.

The text narration is folksy and honest, it presents information as discovery rather than authority. To that end, historical information is presented before Gospel information so the reader may discover truth which is not hammered home. This is a fascinating historical as well as my own personal discovery account which intentionally does not use Christianized language, as the target audience may be hostile.

If an unknowing person reads this little book, they will get significant gospel information or “seeds” which God will likely use to work on them over time and make it easier for them to accept Jesus. Sneak people gospel seeds while they read an interesting little history book. This is my stealth evangelical effort, if you will. It seems urgent to spread the word and make a contribution. 

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Jesus Who?